animation to bio (2)

Three phases of gastric secretion

 three phases of gastiric secretion—Three-Phases-of-Gastric-Secretion

proton pump

proton pump—Proton-Pump

endocytosis and exocytosis

endocytosis and exocytosis—Endocytosis-and-Exocytosis

 how prions arise

 how prions arise—How-Prions-Arise


4 Responses

  1. Is the proton pump only transmitting hydrogen ions?
    If not, what other positively charged ions (i.e. metal ions) in solution in the bloodstream are potentially transferred into the excreted acid?

    Have excreted stomach acid been collected and analyzed?

    Nice pictures,

  2. thanks

    nice questions


    i am sorry ,i do not have answer

  3. Thanks very much for your great blog.

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